Domino’s ‘Pizzavestments’ Feeds Entrepreneurs

Domino’s knows starvation and innovation don’t mix. So with their new “Pizzavestments” ad campaign, the company plans to stoke the fires of creativity by throwing slices on it. Conceived by their longtime ad agency, CP + B, the idea is simple: when pizza goes in, ideas come up.  #poweredbypizza

Russell Weiner, chief marketing officer for the famous pizza place, says, “No one knows the power and possibility of a great idea more than Domino’s, having been the ones that truly revolutionized pizza delivery over fifty years ago. Gatherings that create great ideas often include pizza – and we want to do what we can to fuel the next revolutionary concept that will also continue to be celebrated fifty years from now.”

As part of their Pizzavestor’s Program, thirty startups will be chosen by Domino’s to receive Pizzavestments. This $500 gift card will be delivered in a special case with a certificate and letter signed by Domino’s CEO, J. Patrick Doyle.

The company has also paired with the crowdfunding site Indiegogo to add “Pizza Perks” to the perks section of certain projects which stand out for being new and innovative. If the project is successfully funded, people who contributed enough will receive the “Powered by Pizza Perk”, a Domino’s gift card.

Of course, Domino’s isn’t the first company to come out as a champion of startups. Lexus, A&E and PepsiCo, amongst others, have all made displays of supporting the little guy and all did it while encouraging the public to participate.

Continuing with their media-savvy methods, Domino’s also started the #poweredbypizza hashtag to let the public share their stories of pizza-inspired-ingenuity. So far it seems to be going much better than McDonald’s #McDStories attempt from earlier this year.

Interestingly enough, it was a $500 investment by Domino’s founder Tom Monaghan that purchased the company’s first pizza delivery car—quite the innovation back then.


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